18-26 October 2014

International Masterclasses 2014


We at Glass Heap Challenge are looking for participants to take part in the event at



NRE-terrein, gebouw 3

Nachtegaallaan 15

NL-5613 CM Eindhoven







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The idea of the Glass Heap Challenge, as conceived of by Matt Durran, is to challenge the creativity of

artists, designers and glass protagonists to find and demonstrate unique, creative and inspiring works

which show ways to utilize stockpiled waste glass. This not only brings a greater level of awareness to

the potential of upcycling fglass but also provokes discussion on how to make better use of waste

material in general.


The Glass Heap Challenge does not follow an established and elaborate plan, it is simple, inclusive and

embraces the element of uncertainty. No one knows ahead of time what sort of raw materials will be on

hand, often what type of space will be available, what kind of equipment or technical assistance will be

on site, and indeed, as some of the teams are made up of people who have never met each other, who

they will be working with. This uncertainty inspires the participants to meet the Challenge with a much

greater level of energy and excitement than a more structured approach would give.

The resulting finished pieces create a legacy of art works, objects and products to inspire and add value

to future markets.


The Glass Heap Challenge International Masterclasses is part of the program,

How Glass Can Change the World 2014-2015


Open for all artists, designers and architects and students from all disciplines

Participants: the max 28

All participants must have basic craft skills and be over 18.


Workshop in door and out door working places

Participant fee: p.p. 700 Eur


Material will be organized, but we encourage participants to bring his/her own waste glass to

be re and up cycled.


The Glass Heap Challenge is organized during the Dutch Design Week 18-26 October 2014,



From 19th Oct to 24th Oct: working on Challenge 9.00 – 18.00 hours


20th Oct: International Masterclasses The Glass Heap Challenge, 10.00-18.00 hours, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

Techniques possible: kiln forming, fusing, slumping, sagging, kiln casting, sand casting, silkscreening,painting, assemblage, glass appliqué, crucible melting


25th Oct: clearing of Beeldenstorm space and layout of exposition indoor and outdoor,

evaluation with Masters


26th Oct: Exposition until 18.00 hours, open for public and Symposium:




- Terms and conditions: See PDF Terms and Conditions Beeldenstorm


- Final date for entries: 31st August 2014 noon to info@glassheapchallenge.com


- The Glass Heap Challenge will send you the confirmation when you are selected to participate in The Glass Heap Challenge 2014 on Monday 21st September 2014.


- Payment if selected must be paid by the 15th Spet 2014 to:

Stichting Beeldenstorm

o.v.v. “Glass Heap Challenge”

E: contact@beeldenstorm.org

E: lexvanlith@beeldenstorm.org

T: +31 (40) 2435076


Bank: NL74 RABO 01 29 25 54 91

By the 31st July Beeldenstorm will confirm individual participant after receiving payment


Send entry form to:


Founder and Director: Matt Durran

info@mattdurran.com, www.mattdurran.com

Skype: matt.durran

Project Developer: Kate Goldenberg

+ 44 (0)7939242312



Angela van der Burght

Coordinator International Masterclasses The Glass Heap Challenge 2014





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